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Workshop "Japanese Woodblock"

The traditional technique of Japanese woodblock printmaking, as used for the creation of the famous ukiyo-e prints, has much to offer to present-day printmakers. With its excellent cutting technique, the use of water-based inks and a special tool for hand printing, the baren, it allows for a wide range of cutting and printing effects. Only natural, non-toxic materials are used, and very little space (no press) is required.

In the beginning of this workshop, I give a general introduction aobout the technique and show prints from Japan and China as well as prints done by contemporary artists. Later on, the workshop centres on the creation of a multicolour woodblock print: from the concept and the cutting of the wood to the printing, combined with detailed explanations on the different working steps, tools and materials. The paper size is about 16 x 23 cm.

After having created a design, the participants learn to cut the kento registration marks and to transfer their design to the block. Handling and maintenance of the Japanese cutting tools are taught.
The Japanese paper with its production and special meaning for woodblock printmaking is introduced. Several papers can be compared.
During a printing demonstration, materials and tools for printing as variations of printing brushes and barens are introduced. Each participant prints her/his own edition, while comparing various tools of different quality. Special printing techniques will be explained.

We will work with solid wood (linden or alder) and respectively two Japanese and Western papers.

The workshops includes information on suppliers and options for Western substitutes. Photographs from the woodblock world from Japan and China will be shown.

The participants receive written information. The workshop is suitable for beginners and professional printmakers as well.

Mo-Fr 10-17 h including a lunch break
420 € (including 19% VAT and materials)
8 participants



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