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"Screen Printing beyond the Photo Stencil"

Screen Printing is a printmaking technique which is based on stenciling. Today usually done with photo-technical means, it is less known that almost everything can be done by screen printing without these and a lot of equipment. And: screen printing is fun. This class teaches the technique from scratch.

Using two different screen forms, we cut and tear stencils and paint directly onto the screen with positive and negative techniques. It can also be worked with photographs and type this way (to a certain extend). We also play with monotype. I will explain how to work with the photo stencil.

Wer are printing with water-based inks onto a 250 g paper. The participants mix their own inks from liquid pigments.

The participants receive a script including formulas how to prepare your own water-based ink and screen filler.

The workshop is suitable for beginners and professional printmakers as well.

Mo-Fr 10-17 h including a lunch break
420 € (including 19% VAT and materials)
6 participants

Prints from the class

Very simple: printing from cut stencils



Painting with screen filler







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